Library News

WordPress 4.0.1

So far, in the few days that we’ve been using the newest version of WP (4.0.1) over at the NEKLS website, we’ve seen no real problems. The database update seemed to take a few minutes, so you might not want to do it in the middle of the day, but it wasn’t more than 3 minutes, tops, for our rather large site, so it likely won’t be a big deal for most of you. There aren’t a lot of cool updates – just some refinements of media handling and such – so there is no major rush to upgrade. As of right now, there are no security issues with 4.0, but that can change any time, so while you don’t have to rush to update, we are recommending that you do it before too long.
As always – ask Robin ( or Ryan ( if you have any questions about the updates!