WordPress 4.4 and Ninja Forms both have updates

Most of you have automatic upgrades to the new versions of WordPress set up – but if you notice that your site hasn’t updated yet and want to do that now, feel free. This site has already updated and no problems have been noticed, so yours should be fine, too! Ninja Forms, a plugin that is commonly used to create contact and registration forms for library websites has been updated as well – that one you’ll have to update manually (by clicking the “update” link on the plugin page  – the rest is done for you by WordPress), but I encourage you to do so. I also am encouraging everyone to make sure they have the Wordfence plugin installed and running on their sites. I’ve been talking to the system techs over the past weeks to help them make sure the plugin is there and working – there is a rash of pharma spam attacks going on that you might not notice (nor will your patrons, generally, unless they are using VERY old browsers – the attack is meant to improve the spammer’s link counts, not necessarily to actually advertise the pharma products to your patrons) that Wordfence can help find and root out. Talk to your system tech person if you have questions about those plugins, the upgrade or anything else – or you can, as always, contact me at if you run into problems! Thanks!!