How-to: Create a static (non-blog) site

Sometimes libraries want to create sites that are static (non-blog based) and relatively unchanging instead of featuring constantly changing blog posts on the front page. To do this, you log into your WordPress site:

  • Click on Appearance on the left-side menu from the dashboard
  • Click on Customize from the menu that appears under Appearance
  • Click on Static Front Page (if it’s there, if not, skip to the “call Robin or Ryan part of the instructions) on the new left-side menu
  • Click on the “A static page” radio button
  • Choose the page to make your new home page (most libraries use their “About” page, but you can create a page that you want to use specifically as your home page) from the drop-down list
  • Choose the page to hold your posts (you can create a new page just for that, or add them to an already existing page – feel free to play around and find what works for you) from the drop-down list
  • Click the “Save & Publish” button at the top of the left-side menu

If you decide to do this, you will want to either decide on what pages you want to use or create new pages to use for your new home and post pages before you begin this process. There are also widgets (also found under the Appearance menu item) that will post recent blog post “teasers” to your sidebar so that you can still have your posts available, just not front-and-center of your site.

If the “Static Front Page” option isn’t available for your theme, give Robin or Ryan a call at (785) 838-4090 or email us at so that we can give you instructions that work for your particular theme!

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