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Akismet – Getting your own license

Janelle from SWKLS wrote:

I *think* when KLOW first started several sites were sharing an Akismet key, but I could be wrong in this thinking. I think this key may have been set up when the sites were installed. I just thought I would give you a heads up in case other sites have issues. Although, it may just be us. I am working on getting these two sites setup with their own private akismet accounts…

Thanks Janelle, as an admin who isn’t always in the know, your message prepared me for  when I received a  call about the same problem.

If you are having this issue your library will want to  head to your plugins in the WordPress dashboard, from there, open the Akismet Settings page and choose “Disconnect This Account”. Follow the prompts to set up your own license key by entering your own email address. You will create an account and then after donating ($0.00 and up), you will be given a key that you can enter back into your Aksimet plugin.