Akismet – Getting your own license

Janelle from SWKLS wrote: I *think* when KLOW first started several sites were sharing an Akismet key, but I could be wrong in this thinking. I think this key may have been set up when the sites were installed. I just thought I would give you a heads up in case other sites have issues. […]

Makerbook – Image Resources

Have you ever needed a creative spark? A new place to find royalty free images? How about some help in picking a color palette? Did you ever look at your websites background and think “I’d love to have a texture here”? I discovered a neat portal to explore all these things, it is called Makerbook. […]

Custom Footer for My Kansas Library Sites

Custom Footer for My Kansas Library Sites

At the bottom of this website there is a custom footer. If you too would like to give credit to Kansas State Library, The Institute for Museum and Library Services, and NEKLS for the My Kansas Library project, you can add the following to the footer section of your website. If you are using a […]

WordPress 4.1.1

WordPress put out a maintenance update today (just minor bug fixes, no real changes). I will warn you that it takes a bit of time to do the database upgrade, even on smaller sites, so you may want to do it when the site isn’t normally busy, otherwise, there are no known reasons not to […]

Do you use the Slider Revolution plugin?

If you do, there is a major vulnerability in older versions that is causing a BUNCH of problems with the WordPress sites that use it. One issue is that the older, insecure version is shipped with some themes (but I’m not sure which ones – I’ve not seen a list of them, I’ll post when/if […]