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I’ve lost my password what do I do?!

This happens. Here’s how to fix it.

Pre-emptively (as in, before you lose your password):

Make sure that your librarian account has an email address associated with it.

    • Log in
    • Click Users
    • Click Librarian
    • Make sure that your email address is entered in under Contact information.
    • If you added or changed the email address, click “Update User”

Oh no! I’ve lost my password!

  • On the login screen, click “Lost Your Password?”
  • Type in your username (usually librarian) or the email address associated with your account.
  • Click “Get new password”
  • Check your email for the confirmation link
  • Click the link from your email.
  • Check your mail for your new password
  • Go back to the login screen and use the new password to log in.

Now, we want to change the password to something we know and can remember:

  • Log in using the new password
  • Click Users
  • Click your user, usually librarian
  • Scroll down until you see the two “New Password” fields
  • Type in your new password in each box
  • Click “Update User”