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Do you use the Slider Revolution plugin?

If you do, there is a major vulnerability in older versions that is causing a BUNCH of problems with the WordPress sites that use it. One issue is that the older, insecure version is shipped with some themes (but I’m not sure which ones – I’ve not seen a list of them, I’ll post when/if I do) and so you might not even realize you have it. It does seem to be a premium offering – so if you’ve never purchased a theme or a plugin, you are safe. If you have, check your plugins (Dashboard –> Plugins –> Installed Plugins) and see if Slider Revolution is there. If it is – update it immediately (if it’s not already at the 4.1.4 version). I think, for the most part, KLOW isn’t going to be affected by this because we tend to use free themes, but this plugin is cheap ($18) and so it might have been purchased and used by some of our libraries! Better safe than sorry!!

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