WordPress 4.2

Nekls upgraded their site to 4.2 (along with a couple of others that I’ve run into over the course of the last few days) and have experienced no problems. We’re recommending that everyone do the upgrade as of right now. The only issue being reported in the WP forums is a failure to be able to update plugins after the upgrade, but that seems to be related to a particular hosting setup and was not an issue when I tried updating a plugin on a 4.2 site this morning. Happy updating!!

One of the new features is “smoother plugin updating” and from the one plugin I’ve updated since getting 4.2, that seems to be true – a single click on the “update now” link in the plugins page and it was done. To be honest, it was so quick it startled me…

Other features of the WP 4.2 upgrade include:

  • easier ways to share content with Press This button
  • switching themes in the customizer is now easy
  • embedding media is easier
  • foreign character support is extended (if you want to post in Japanese or Russian, you can!)

As always, please contact Robin or Ryan if you have questions about the WP update!