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Nobody likes to wait for photos to download on a website, so if you’re uploading photos that are directly from your digital camera, likely they are pretty huge and will take a long time to download. There’s an easy way around this — resize them!

I found a handy online tool that will let you easily shrink those files down to a more manageable size both for you to upload and for your patrons to download.

Go to

In the green box labeled “Load from your PC” click the “Browse” button.

Navigate to the photo you want to resize or send (Often in the My Photos folder on your computer)

Click Open, it will take a few seconds to a few minutes to upload your photo.

Once your photo appears, click the “Resize” tab at the top.

In the boxes on the right hand side, depending on the orientation of your photo, of course, put width 1024, and height 768 (assuming a rectangular, un-cropped photo). Don’t worry if the photo looks “too small” here, there is some sort of zoom factor in effect. The final product will be a just fine size for email.

Click Ok.

Click the Save tab, and select “Save to PC” from the drop down.

Give the file a descriptive name, and click OK.

It will ask you to save the file to your computer, click OK (this can change depending on your browser, but you do want to download the file).

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One problem with the cellsea site, is that you cannot upload photos with a file size over 5MB. I don’t know if this was your problem, but with the information given, it is a guess.

Another way of doing this, in Windows XP, is ImageResizer. See Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP to download ImageResizer. (Right-hand side) Then, visit Resize
digital pictures quickly
to see how to use it.

Or do a search for “online image resizing” for more online options.

I took a look at your site, Connie, and thought of something else that might help you. When using an image that’s hosted on Flickr, you can use a smaller version of that image on your site. By going to your photo on Flickr and clicking on “All sizes,” you can view smaller versions of your photo. When viewing photos at a different size, the URL for the photo, at the bottom, will change to reflect a photo at the size that your viewing.

Using the URL of the photo at a smaller size will allow for faster load times of your site while, if you use Option 1, will still allow people to view the larger image for printing, saving, or whatever.

Hope that helps,

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