Photos in Posts

Nobody likes to wait for photos to download on a website, so if you’re uploading photos that are directly from your digital camera, likely they are pretty huge and will take a long time to download. There’s an easy way around this — resize them!

I found a handy online tool that will let you easily shrink those files down to a more manageable size both for you to upload and for your patrons to download.


Keep it fresh!

How do you keep people interested in your site? Fresh content!

I have heard varying opinions about the minimum frequency for new posts. Some people think you should add new content every day. I, however, think that if a rural library is adding new content once per week, that’s great!

What types of content are KLOW libraries posting?

  • Event announcements (story time, movie nights, library board meetings, etc)
  • New arrivals (books, DVDs, music)
  • Services and resources (Homework Kansas, Kansas Audio Books, Music, and More, etc)
  • Library announcements regarding holiday closings and weather closings, too

What else? How do you keep patrons coming back to your site?