Highlights of WordPress 3.0

Feel free to update your Web site to 3.0.1 – Three dot oh dot one Bug fixes to make you smile Update your WordPress For a great tour (with more information than you’ll need), watch this short video.  If you like jazz, you may want to watch just to hear Thelonius Monk. Other interesting features: […]

Web Search Engines

After you have spent time creating, updating, and improving your Library Web site to “Full on Fabulous,” maybe you want people to find and use it… As a test, go to Google or Bing or Your Favorite Search Engine and look for your site.  Look for it as “Anytown Public Library” and “Anytown Library” and […]

Getting Started with KLOW

I am working on a series of Introductory screencast videos for folks new to KLOW and WordPress.  This post will be updated as new videos are ready for publication.  If you have questions or have feedback, please share in the comments!  Think of me as the Old Spice Guy – ask for a topic to […]

Arguments in Favor of Using WordPress

Arguments in Favor of Using WordPress

Considering a WordPress site for your Library, but need some convincing? A few points in favor of using My Kansas Library on the Web, using WordPress: WordPress is Web-based.  There is no need to purchase and install  Dreamweaver or FrontPage software on a library computer.  Instead, this program is provided as a service of the […]