Makerbook – Image Resources

Have you ever needed a creative spark? A new place to find royalty free images? How about some help in picking a color palette? Did you ever look at your websites background and think “I’d love to have a texture here”? I discovered a neat portal to explore all these things, it is called Makerbook. […]

Yet Another WordPress Upgrade (YAWU)

I’m going to have to start using the acronym above because I’m spending more time typing the words “Upgrade Your WordPress” than I should be these days… So, please upgrade your WordPress, both the core software (to 4.2.2) and the Twenty-fifteen theme, which has a specific vulnerability. The new upgrade addressed some security issues and […]

WordPress 4.2.1

Update. Again, please. I know I just asked you to update to 4.2 a couple of hours ago, but then this - – came out and now you need to either turn off all commenting by the public on your sites, or update to 4.2.1. As soon as possible, please.  

WordPress 4.2

Nekls upgraded their site to 4.2 (along with a couple of others that I’ve run into over the course of the last few days) and have experienced no problems. We’re recommending that everyone do the upgrade as of right now. The only issue being reported in the WP forums is a failure to be able […]

Update please!

Please go check your WordPress sites – there is a pretty major vulnerability that has been found (and patched) as of this morning. It affects a BUNCH of plugins, many that are in common use in our system. The plugins affected are listed at, but everyone should go update their plugins as soon as possible, […]